Abashiri Ikka is a comedy manga series by Go Nagai that ran in Weekly Shonen Champion from 1969 to 1973. At first it was rather dark, but later started to focus more on gags instead of crime. It arose from the criticism the author received during the run of Harenchi Gakuen. An OVA series and a live-action film were adapted for its popularity in later years.


It focuses on the infamous Abashiri yakuza family headed by Daemon Abashiri that is feared by both criminals and the police for their destructive reputation. However, they do not have any long time goals and most of their exploits are normally minor crimes that can get undone by their own foolishness. When threatened, however the fearsome force is unleashed.

Abashiri Ikka in Cutey HoneyEdit

Cutey Honey among other series had several throw backs and references to Abashiri Ikka such as the inclusion of Daemon and his youngest son Kichiza as the characters Danbei and Junpei Hayami. The second eldest son Naojiro appeared in the manga as a female version of himself called Naoko Sukeban and in the anime as himself with the Abashiri Ikka manga's Paradise School. The oldest Goemon appeared as a teacher. Honey also starred in a crossover between their respective series with the daughter of the family Kikunosuke called Cutie Honey vs. Abashiri Ikka.

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