Akakabu Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Crook
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Active
Played by Wataru Takagi

Akakabu Hayami is a supporting character in New Cutie Honey. He is the husband of Daiko Hayami and the father of Chokkei Hayami.

Personality Edit

Akakabu enjoys the high crime rate of Cosplay City, enabling him and his wife to do almost anything they want. He also encourages his son to follow with some training. However, Akakabu is terrified of Dolmeck and his army and does not mind helping Honey Kisaragi put a stop to him in spite of the danger and the chance of being arrested.

Abilities Edit

Akakabu is a burglar with a penchant for stealing anything he can get his hands on. Later episodes also give him an impressive durability able to take a lot of hits and not appear to get hurt.


Akakabu is often with his wife enamoring what they stole. On the insistence of Danbei, he allows Honey to stay at his home. Later as Chokkei gets in danger, Akabaku starts to take action.

Notes Edit

Like all members of the new Hayami Family, Akakabu is a reference to a character from Oira Sukeban (Delinquent in Drag), another Go Nagai work. In Akakabu's case, he is a reference to Bankaku Suke (Suke Bankaku), the father of series protagonist, Banji Suke (Suke Banji).

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