Vital statistics
Position Police Detective
Age Late teens - Early twenties
Status Active
Akebi was a mischievous young police assistant that enjoyed tormenting her superiors alongside her best friend Momori.


Akebi was a short girl, with black short hair. She wore a buttoned blazer, flat cap and short shorts that really didn't hide very much.


Akebi and her friend Momori were both constantly chirpy and joyous, but both had a cruel mean streak and would keep getting their superior officer Kogoro Iboji in trouble.


Akebi and Momori were both sent to assist Detective Iboji after he had been hired to protect a Golden Buddah statue owned by Paul Tamamoto. During the entire operation, the two girls taunted poor Iboji and laughed when he got beaten by their employer Tamamoto. When Sister Jill came for the Buddah statue, the two girls held one another in their arms, crying in fear.

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