Vital statistics
Position Teacher
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Unknown
Played by Noriko Tsukase
For other uses, see Alphonne.

Ms. Alphonne is a teacher at St. Chapel Academy acting as the homeroom teacher of Honey Kisaragi and Natsuko Aki.


Ms. Alphonne has a distorted appearance with a long jaw small closed gated eyes that are accented with makeup and short red hair. Her usual clothing consists of a yellow dress and a red necklace.


Ms. Alphonne is fond of her students and likes cute girls, particularly Honey compared to her strict co-worker Miharu Tsuneni. She has a habit of having both hands on her bust at random times.


Ms. Alphonne was usually seen in class interacting with her students or going with them on trips. She remained unaware of Honey's secret identity even though she always disappeared when danger was present.

An Alphonne look-alike, possibly a descendant, cameos in the last episode of New Cutey Honey.

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