Vital statistics
Position Maid
Age (Young Adult)
Status Destroyed
Played by Momo Yoshida

Anna was one of the maids working at a cafe along with several others that were actually cyborgs used by Duke Watari for assassination jobs.

Personality Edit

Anna like her coworkers puts on a facade of a maid at her work place to complete her customers service. However, she like the others is really a cold-blooded assassin, attacking anyone as ordered.

Abilities Edit

Anna possesses the standard enhancements allowing greater strength and endurance than a regular human and her brain is connected to a CPU that gives information on targets and controls her movements.

History Edit

Anna first appeared at the maid cafe, being invited over to the home of one of her regulars with newcomer Honey wanting to visit. Once there, Anna had killed Shimura with Honey finding him and later brought in for questioning. After Honey got out and chased Erica who nearly attacked another customer, Anna and the others appeared to fight Honey with Watari joining in. Before Watari could deliver a fatal blow, Anna and the other maids were destroyed by Yuji Nakajo's feathers; causing them to explode and allow Honey to escape.

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