Armour Knight Honey in Cutey Honey 90s

Armour Knight Honey is a form used by Cutie Honey when fighting against more difficult members of Panther Claw. Its design varies series to series, but commonly she is seen with a sword or spear. Its also able to shoot long spikes from the centre and the helm, useful for taking down foes.


Honey has used Armour Knight Honey on many occasions, typically to avoid being damaged by bladed or thrown weapons, such as Badfly Claw's needles in the original manga or against Scissors Claw's blades in Cutie Honey a Go Go!.

It see's most usage in the manga Cutey Honey 90s, where she uses the hard armour firstly to fight of a small group of attacking Witch Soldiers on motorcycles, and later to fight against Sister Jill at the end of the manga, during which she kills her foe by ejecting the armours spikes, impaling Jill.


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