Atsushi Kawahara
Vital statistics
Position N/A
Age (Young Adult)
Status Alive
Played by Yuki Tsujimoto

Atsushi Kawahara is a young man who found himself involved in a Panther Claw gambling game.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kawahara is a mild mannered man with average struggles including a girlfriend who only wants to use him for her own ends. While having a conscience, he is affected by outside forces like his aforementioned girlfriend and the chemicals in a gas that caused him to take money.

History[edit | edit source]

Kawahara found a bag full of money when walking out. Upon opening it and seeing it full of money, a vapor erupted causing him to take it in a hurry. When his girlfriend Yumi Watanabe decides to break up seeing no benefits with him, Kawahara decides to buy her a ring. Yumi wants them to get married later and buy a mansion to live in with Kawahara showing some concern. At the ceremony, Honey comes in telling Kawahara to tell the truth. He does so telling Yumi on how he found the money and plans to turn it into the police. Yumi protests but Kawahara goes through with it. As he leaves, Panther Claw combatants attack with Honey holding them off.

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