Austral Island

An animated view of Austral Island

Austral Island is the setting of Cutie Honey FX. It is an island resort that a person can receive an invitation to. It is well known for getting couples together. The island was used by Panther Claw to find new recruits amongst the distinguished women.

Geography and Features Edit

Island sprite map

A sprite map of the Island

Austral Island's shape resembles a five-pointed star with each point and the center featuring attractions. The upper right is the Ecology Zone, a forest park with the resort log cabins and living quarters for the guests of the island. The lower right point is the Sports Zone that has a pool, the Austral Dome and a stadium for events like wrestling. The upper left is the Cyber Zone which at times feature abandoned animals such as a stray kitten or dog that the player of the game can name. The lower left is the Entertainment Zone that have attractions like a concert hall and a fortune teller named Damia (later revealed to be a Panther Claw scout). The top point of the island is the resort zone featuring a high class hotel that newly formed Panther Claw kaijin are brought to, the helicopter station, and a building that constantly changes its front and function from a dentistry, a company group, or even a simple Japanese styled house. At the center of the island is the main building where Sister Jill oversees operations.

Notes Edit

  • In spite of the writing, the proper romanization for the island would be Astral Island, which means resembling a star given the island's shape.
  • In spite of Panther Claw's control over the island, not all inhabitants or staff are members, indicating that Panther Claw's takeover is relatively recent.
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