Aya Nagase
Vital statistics
Position Student,
Panther Claw kaijin
Age Late Teens
Status Deceased
Aya Nagase is a student at an unnamed high school who was the victim of a rape and later used a scandel to get back at the school for not helping her. She was later mutated into a Panther Claw kaijin when she was visited by Sister Jill.

Appearance Edit

Aya Nagase is a teenaged girl with an attractive appearance and a buxom figure. She had dark and dark eyes. After her mutation, she gained the appearance of a bipedal werewolf with hand-like feet and hairy forearms.

Personality Edit

Aya was filled with rage after she was raped as no one came to help her and took it out on the school and the student body for making fun of her label as "the one that was raped". To this end she would pose as a male rapist who would rape any girl she came across to make them experience what she had gone through. After she was infected with Jill's cells, Aya began to show homicidal tendencies murdering her own mother and later viciously attacking civilians.

Abilities Edit

Aya Nagase wore a disguise that would obscure her appearance making her look like a man including a dildo to substantiate for a penis. The disguise worked to keep her identity a secret from people. After she was mutated, Aya gained enhanced agility and reflexes allowing her to jump across the top of buildings. Her werewolf form also possesses sharp fangs and claws to attack enemies.

History Edit

When Aya was raped she was labeled and made fun of by everyone at school for this. To get back at them, Aya wore a disguise to make it look like a man was raping the female students. By the time a new student was alone in the school, Aya tried to rape her but investigators headed by Seiko Hayami interfered. Aya managed to avoid questioning by getting out of her disguise and going home. At home Aya was furious at the interference with Sister Jill in the form of black cat transplanting special cells into Aya. This made Aya go ballistic killing her mother and a few civilians until Cutey Honey appeared to fight her taking her out as Hurricane Honey and a knife in a vulnerable spot when she transformed. Aya's transformation was covered by the press and the witness minds trying to think differently than what really happened.

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