Ayuko Sato
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age (Adolescent)
Status Deceased
Ayuko Sato is a student at St. Chapel Academy and the roommate of Honey Kisaragi. She is based on the original Natsuko Aki from the anime and manga.

Appearance Edit

Ayuko's physical appearance greatly resembles the original Natsuko with her light colored hair worn in a pair of pigtails, a couple freckles, and moderate clothing.

Personality Edit

Ayuko possesses a low self-esteem after her parents abandoned her in St. Chapel Academy and tries to stay out of trouble. Because of this, Ayuko is heavily dependent on others including people who take advantage of her like Miharu Tsuneni, who gives Ayuko a purpose as her obedient slave and does whatever she wishes.

History Edit

Ayuko was introduced to Honey upon her transfer and told her about the school before she escaped campus with Fire Claw attacking the city. Ayuko was punished by Miharu for letting Honey get away by continuously being whipped by Miharu. Going back to her room after the whipping, she is approached by a student named Naoko who looks at her wounds. When Naoko offers Ayuko to run away with her, Ayu refuses believing it wouldn't do any good and how her parents left her behind and wouldn't listen to her. Naoko assures Ayuko that she would be there for her. By the time Panther Claw attacked the school, Ayuko tried to find Miharu until Naoko dragged along until Honey fighting Dragon Panther separated them. Ayuko attempted to sedate Honey on Miharu's orders. When Honey dodged, Naoko tried to stop Ayuko who cut her with a small knife with Ayu exclaiming that she belonged to Miharu. When she saw Miharu's face she tried to talk to it but it was just her disembodied head. Screaming Ayuko was cut cleanly in half by Tarantula Panther.

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