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Badfly Claw in the manga by Yuu Okazaki

Badfly Claw is a Panther Claw kaijin known for her flight abilities. She appeared in a few series as a common foe for the protagonist.

  • Badfly Claw (TV): A monster-of-the-week enemy for Cutie Honey in an episode.
  • Badfly Claw (Manga): A kaijin often sent in a group to fight Cutey Honey.
  • Badfly Claw (Okazaki): An enemy of Honey's, the only version of the character to survive her encounter with the android.
  • Badfly Claw (Go Go): Sports a more panther-like design and is Cutie Honey's first opponent in the series.
  • Badlfy Claw (Universe): Badfly serves as a recurring antagonist for the first few episodes of the series.

See Also:

  • Bomber Claw: A villain unique to Cutie Honey F, who's design is based on Badfly Claw.