Bat Claw
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Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw combatant
Age late teens
Status Deceased
Bat Claw was a member of the organisation Panther Claw, seen in Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu.


Bat Claw was originally a teenage girl from a talent agency with short dark hair and an attractive figure. After her transformation into Bat Claw, she gained hairy hands and feet with extended digits, long ears, sharp teeth, and large bat-like wings from her arms. As her transformation continued, Bat Claw gained a more monstrous appearance.


Bat Claw is able to fly with her wings for long distances and hover in the air. She often uses her legs in close combat when subduing enemies, often kicking the head to knock a normal human out. While never shown, it is implied that Bat Claw can suck out blood like a vampire bat. Her teeth and jaw strength are very strong able to stop and deflect a sword as it was thrust at her. Her razor sharp claws are used for more serious combat, allowing her to effortlessly tear apart flesh.

Personality Edit

Bat Claw is a fierce and merciless member of Panther Claw, attacking any cohort of Cutey Honey without remorse.


Before her transformation, talent agency workers brought a young woman to Sister Jill who proceeded to make her into Bat Claw by raping her. Later the agency lured Seiko Hayami and her assistant Hisashi Hanyu into a trap with Bat Claw. Bat Claw attacked them and while Seiko was captured, Hanyu was likely killed. Hanyu however survived and discarded 'his' disguise revealing herself to actually be Cutey Honey and went to rescue Seiko who was about to be raped. However this was yet another trap and Bat Claw slashed at Honey, severely wounding her. Bat Claw reported back to Sister Jill about apparently killing Honey. When they went to check on her and Seiko in a refrigeration room, Honey had survived and managed to break out with Seiko all suited up. Bat Claw fought against Honey again and Honey assumed the form of Angel Honey to even the playing field. In their fight, Honey manages to kill Bat Claw by cutting off her head allowing Bat Claw to return to her original human form.

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