Black Claw
Vital statistics
Position One of the Four Gods of Panther Claw
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Played by Yumi Toma

Black Claw is one of the Four Gods of Panther Claw representing the spade suit and one of the major antagonists in Re: Cutie Honey. She is also revealed to be the one who killed Dr. Kisaragi after her creation by Sister Jill.


Black Claw wore a large black and white tail coat, a black cape with a spiked collar, big knee high boots, the left side of her face was black and the right was white with red lipstick and eyeliner, she had long white hair on the left and longer black hair on the right with several white streaks.


Black Claw is easily seen as the most loyal member of Panther Claw, whereas most of the other members only want to cause mayhem and destruction however they please, Black Claw only wants to please Sister Jill having pledged her life to her with the utmost loyalty.


Black Claw's combat capabilities are the highest among the Four Gods of Panther Claw and possesses great swordsmanship enough to rival Cutie Honey's. It is also armed with a microphone to perform a special move called the Black Beam that uses ultrasonic waves as a concentrated beam attack to harm enemies and harm them on the molecular level. She is also able to function when her body is vertically separated and perform the Black Tornado where the two halves rotate at high speeds to create a twister.




  • Black Claw's design is an homage to the Mazinger Z villains Count Brocken and Baron Ashura.
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