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Black Claw
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Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Kaijin
Age Twenties
Status Deceased

Black Claw was an incredibly strong and vicious member of the organization known as Panther Claw, she was the first kaijin to go up against Honey.


Black Claw was a tall woman who loomed over her opponents. She had bright orange skin, yellow fur on her head, a pawed claw that extended off the top of her head, and a green tongue. Her left hand had a large golden claw.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Black was incredibly strong and was deadly with her extendable claws (from her right hand and head panther claw) which was able to cut through solid steel. Other powers included talons on her left hand, teleportation, and launching her claw arms.


A vicious and arrogant woman, she got angry when things didn't go how she wanted. It was later revealed that she was friends with Fire Claw.


Black Claw was sent to the laboratory of Dr. Kisaragi to retrieve the Airborne Element Fixing Device. Killing the scientist when he refused to reveal the location, Black Claw encountered his daughter Honey Kisaragi who came to check on him. Black Claw attacked Honey who used the device for the first time to become Cutie Honey. Fighting off Cutie Honey, she was eventually slain by her Silver Fleurette.

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