Bubble Claw
605059-bubble claw large
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Bubble Claw was an agent of Panther Claw and the main villain of the fourth episode of Cutie Honey Flash.

She was ordered by Panther Claw and Sister Jill to steal a pair of valuable earrings called The Tears of the Mermaid from a rock singer. She was killed by Cutie Honey's Honey Lightning Flare attack.


Bubble Claw was a tall slender woman with purple skin, green eyes with red pupils, razor sharp claws and wavy aqua colored hair. In her hair was a red tiara with eyes, which served as the nerve center of her body and was ultimately her weak spot.


Bubble Claw has the ability to spew acid from her mouth and regenerate from any injury she sustains. She also has the ability to take on a gelatinous liquid form to escape through small crevices.


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