Vital statistics
Position Sister Jill's attendent
Age Physically Middle Aged
Status Deceased
Played by Motomu Kiyokawa
The Butler is Sister Jill's personal servant. He is a physical copy of Dr. Kisaragi after he was killed during Jill's reawakening.


Butler has the exact same characteristics of the late Dr. Kisaragi with appearance of a middle aged man with graying hair and wrinkles. He wears a black and white tuxedo as his regular clothing.


Butler is loyal to Sister Jill and her desires, following her orders without question. While he is a nearly perfect copy of Dr. Kisaragi, he lacks any feeling for Honey as he sees her as only a pawn to fulfill Jill's wish to be complete, which ended up being his downfall.


Butler is able to hover in place and extend his arm to grasp and throw objects a distance away.


Butler has always been seen with Sister Jill and listens to her words and desires. He only took a more vital role in the final episode of the OVA where he presented himself to a shocked Cutie Honey who thought Butler was her father. This caused her to be captured and used by Sister Jill to use the I-System to change the Jill Tree into a monstrous form until Natsuko Aki reactivated her. When Butler confronted Honey again, Honey quickly slew him based on what he said to her during the last encounter which proved that he was only a copy of her father.

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