Chiruru was a young mermaid who was accidentally killed by a group of fisherman after her pearl tears.


Chiruru was like a traditional western depiction of a mermaid, she had a fish like tail, long flowing blonde hair and a bare top revealing her breasts.


Chiruru was accidentally caught by a group of Greek Fishermen, she pleaded for them to let her go back into the water and shed a single tear which turned into a large red pearl, after seeing this the fishermen start to hit her so she would cry and make more pearls, but she is beaten to death without shedding a single tear.

Years later her sister Marara out for revenge signed up to Panther Claw in a vain hope of wiping out humanity. After Marara is regrettably killed by Honey , her spirit and Chiruru's are reunited and the two play about in the waves.