Chokkei Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Supporter
Age (Preadolescent-Adolescent)
Status Active
Played by Rika Matsumoto

Chokkei Hayami is a supporting character in New Cutie Honey. He is the son of Akakabu and Daiko Hayami and one of Honey Kisaragi's main supporters.

Personality Edit

Chokkei seems to be shy around attractive girls like Honey, gaining a crush on her to the point of following her around. He becomes more confident in himself as the OVA goes on, to the point where he is willing to put his life on the line for others.


Chokkei usually is used as the bait by the villains, but he can sometimes be found to be useful like when he manages to distract enemies or strive to help his family. He eventually gains a crush on the thief Natsuko.