Claude Q is a Japanese lyricist known for writing the original Cutie Honey theme song. Currently not using his real name, even in his occupation as the Osaka University of Arts broadcast chairman under the pseudonym Fujio Iwasaki.

History Edit

After graduation from Hosei University, Claude Q worked as a Creative Director. He gained recognition in the Cannes International Advertising Festival and was offered a couple jobs including the job to write the Cutie Honey theme song while Takeo Watanabe worked as the composer. Afterwards, he got a job to write lyrics for the JR Tozai Line in Kitashinchi Station 'Kitanosaurus'. After the Great Hanshin Earthquake, Claude Q got a job as a professor while using a pseudonym as Fujio Iwasaki was shown to be good for ads for the post-quake people. Eventually, he became a department chairman.

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