Cobalt Claw
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Big Four
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Kohinata Shie
Cobalt Claw is the second of the Panther Claw Big Four encountered in the Cutie Honey movie. She had a part in the death of Dr. Kisaragi the father of Honey.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Cobalt Claw is dressed in a dark blue jump suit which includes a mask that covers the top half of her face and feature long braid extensions that extend from the mask. She is absolutely loyal to Panther Claw willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of the organization, killing Dr. Kisaragi when he refused to comply with their demands and went to great lengths in order to kill Honey.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Cobalt Claw is a master of disguise using the appearance of a victim to create a disguise to approach targets. After discarding her disguise, Cobalt Claw uses her braids to ensnare and strangle enemies. If the braids are destroyed, Cobalt resorts to using her extremely flexible and contortionist body to unzip places out of jumpsuit to reveal extra arms for attacks and restraining enemies.

History Edit

Cobalt Claw appeared on screen in disguise as Honey's boss Rinko Terada, after catching up to Honey and Natsuko Aki in the elevator Cobalt discards her disguise and attacks them. While choking them Honey manages to become Cutie Honey and take out Cobalt's braids. Cobalt then reveals her assortment of arms to grab and restrain Honey and Natsuko while boldly stating her part in the death of Dr. Kisaragi. This enraged Honey and made the I-System react to her anger. With a Honey Flash, Cobalt Claw was burned to ashes.

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