Cobalt Claw
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Vital statistics
Position Four Gods of Panther Claw
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Mami Kingetsu
Cobalt Claw is one of the Four Gods of Panther Claw, represented by the diamond suit.


Cobalt Claw wears a dark blue and purple body suit that opens on the chest area including a mask with a pair of tentacles that extend from her head. She wears a short purple jacket on her shoulder area that covers part of her otherwise exposed breasts that features magenta markings. She wears magenta eyeliner and purple lipstick.


Cobalt Claw is a loyal and battle ready member of Panther Claw, eager to fight Cutie Honey to please Sister Jill.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Cobalt Claw is an acrobatic and capable fighter able to fight, keep up, and evade Honey's attacks. The tentacles on her mask are able to restrain enemies and release an electric current.


Cobalt Claw was among the other Four Gods when Cutie Honey revealed herself. Cobalt Claw later fought Honey which caused some destruction around the city as well as a mocking of Honey. She later begrudgingly went along with Scarlet Claw's plan to find Honey by capturing women around the city. When Honey appeared, Cobalt Claw fought her again until Scarlet betrayed her by causing her to break down and negatively effect Honey's I-System.

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