Crabclaw Panther
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Vital statistics
Position Witch Soldier
Age 20's
Status Unknown
Crabclaw Panther was a member the terrorist group Panther Claw.


Crabclaw was a tall, burly woman. She wore carapice-like armour, with four spiked legs beneath her breasts and large claws in place of hands. Her headpiece had small spinldy crabs legs and a smaller set of claws.


Seemingly, Crabclaw could fight with her claw hands and chest leg spikes.


  • Crabclaw Panther was one of several Panther Claw members that was designed by Go Nagai for the pre-production of Cutie Honey Flash alongside Mrs. Bee, Pegasus Panther and others. Ultimately it was only Crabclaw's design that went unused. Though years later in Gekiman, the design of Scissors Claw seems to take some design elements from Crabclaw's look. 
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