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Cutey Honey (called Cutey Honey 90s or Cutey Honey SPA! by fans to differentiate between the original manga) is a sequel to the original Cutey Honey manga taking place 30 years after the events of the said manga. It also produced a retcon from the original series where Panther Claw had its origins changed. It was released on the magazine SPA! and was later given a sequel in Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu.


Thirty years after the defeat of Panther Claw, Honey Kisaragi and the Hayami family found an agency called the Hayami Group for the villainous organization's eventual return. This is proven true when Sister Jill is revived and leads a revived Panther Claw to attack the world. With new skills and abilities, Honey fights against Sister Jill to defeat Panther Claw once and for all.


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From July 8, 1992 to April 7, 1993 chapters of Cutey Honey were published in Fusosha's magazine, "Weekly SPA!".


While liked by fans of the original Cutey Honey manga, the 90s manga was criticized for its low quality artwork and overly clumsy characters.

US Release[]

The series was licensed by the American comics company Studio Ironcat and published as Cutie Honey '90 in 1993. 2 of the manga's volumes were produced and spread out over 12 issues. The comics were heavily criticized for their poor editing of panels and print quality.