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Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu (also called Cutey Honey: The Angel's Legend and Cutey Honey '21) is a sequel manga to the original manga and Cutey Honey 90s. It takes place years after the 90s manga in 2005 and focuses on Honey Kisaragi aligning herself with Seiko Hayami.


In the year 2005, the police are having problems dealing with certain issues with private investigators called on to help solve them. Among them are Seiko Hayami and her assistant Hisashi Hanyu. Soon the pair uncover Panther Claw and their plot involving turning ordinary people into monsters. However, Hisashi uncovers 'his' own secret as the Warrior of Love Cutey Honey, the mortal enemy of Panther Claw especially Sister Jill and Panther Zora. Together with Seiko, Honey fights against Panther Claw in a battle that could put all of humanity at risk.


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From February 21, 2001 to July 29, 2003 chapters of Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu were published in Futabasha's Weekly Manga Action.