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Cutie Honey: The Live is a 2007 live action tokusatsu adaptation of the Cutie Honey franchise. The series lasted 26 episodes and was written by Tohshiki Inoue. Compared to other Cutie Honey series, this series focused on three girls with the Airborne Element Fixing Device instead of just Honey and the Panther Claw organization did not feature Sister Jill or other notable members and until its reformation was more of a shady business than a secret society.


Cutie Honey: The Live was commemorated for the franchise's creator Go Nagai for his 40th anniversary as a manga artist. It served as the acting debut of Mikie Hara. Most of the staff have previously worked on the tokusatsu series GARO and have incorporated similar special effects into this series. By the second half of the series, director Inoue started to use more darker elements seen in humans to make the series more similar to the manga of Nagai.


Honey Kisaragi seems like an average high school student living in an all girls high school, but is actually the android heroine Cutie Honey who is looking into the murderer of her 'father' Dr. Kōshirō Kisaragi while encountering the villainous Panther Claw who seek to use the Airborne Element Fixing Device (also called the 'Honey System') that Cutie Honey uses in their schemes to make money. In battle, she also meets two other girls with the Honey System: the cold and merciless Miki Saotome, and Honey's stalker Yuki Kenmochi who both share a hard past in Dr. Kisaragi's experiments to bring back his daughter.

The Honey Team[]

Color Name
Cutie Honey Honey Kisaragi
Sister Miki Miki Saotome
Sister Yuki Yuki Kenmochi



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The television series was broadcast across Japan on TV Asashi. A secret episode explaining the origins of the main characters was released on the DVD.