Cutie Honey & Yukikohime: Heroine Battle is a digital manga by Kazuhito Ochi (also responsible for Dynamic Heroes) featuring Cutie Honey and Yukikohime from Dororon Enma-kun as the main characters. Notable female characters from a couple other works from Dynamic Productions also appear.

Summary Edit

In the human world, Panther Claw has been reeking havoc with souls of their victims becoming restless. Enma Daio and his nephew Enma becoming overwhelmed from the activity. Enma becomes trapped in the underworld so his friend Yukikohime takes over for patrolling the human world. Yuki is confronted by members of Panther Claw and struggles in her fight against them. In a pinch, she assisted by the warrior of love Cutie Honey. With a common enemy, they decide to work together to defeat Panther Claw.

Characters Edit

Cutie Honey Edit

  • Honey Kisaragi/Cutie Honey
  • Sister Jill

Dororon Enma-kun Edit

  • Yukikohime
  • Chapeauji
  • Enma
  • Enma Daio
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