Cutie Honey is the theme song for a multitude of series for the franchise of the same name. It is known for its lyrics describing the title character Cutie Honey and her body.


The original song's lyrics were written by Claude Q while Takeo Watanabe served as the composer. The song was originally meant to be sung by Linda Yamamoto but was later passed over to Yoko Maekawa. The song was played for the opening of the original anime series. The song was used again as the opening for New Cutie Honey by les 5-4-3-2-1 while the English version was played by Mayukiss. Cutie Honey Flash used the theme song for its opening by SALIA. The Cutie Honey revival project would use the song for its non-print material with the song performed by Kumi Koda. The song was once again used for Cutie Honey: The Live this time performed by Minami Kuribayashi as part of Wild 3-Nin Musume.



  • Cutie Honey (Original)
  • Cutie Honey (les 5-4-3-2-1)
    • English Version
  • Cutie Honey (Salia single)
  • Cutie Honey Club style
  • Cutie Honey (Kumi Koda)
  • Cutie Honey (Wild 3-Nin Musume single)


  • Cutie Honey (Hundred Singing Voice Actor Editions I-III artists)
  • Cutie Honey (21st Century Version)
  • Cutie Honey (Yumi Hara)
  • Cutie Honey (Megumi Toyoguchi)
  • Cutie Honey (GO!GO!7188)
  • Cutie Honey (Masami Okui)
  • Cutie Honey (Tetsuya Kakihara)
  • Cutie Honey (TWO-MIX)
  • Cutie Honey (Animetal)
  • Cutie Honey (Ahyoomee)
  • Cutie Honey (Mika Agematsu)


The theme song made a major impact in its industry, even beyond the boundary of magical girl anime becoming one of the most famous anime theme songs where its popularity even made it known to people who have never even heard or seen any of the Cutie Honey series. It shares this popularity with the Theme of Lupin III and Gegege no Kitaro. It also appeared in some unrelated material like when Misty Honey is seen performing the song on an episode of Majokko Megu-chan and where it is part of the opening for a choir concert in Princess Princess.

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