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Cutie Honey Flash (abbreviated as Cutie Honey F) is a 1997-1998 anime series which lasted 39 episodes. It started airing every Saturdays at 19:00 JST on February 15, 1997, replacing Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Unlike its predecessors, this incarnation of the series was aimed at a younger female demographic and had an incarnation of Honey that was an artificially created human rather than an android. It also featured some of the writers and animation staff of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars as part of the production team. On October 4, 1997, the slot was moved 30 minutes earlier at 18:30 JST until it was ended on January 31, 1998, which later replaced by Anime Shuukan DX! Mi-Pha-Pu. This is the last anime series which produced in cell format.

Despite its Sailor-Moon esque-style. Flash still has bloodshed (albeit moderated and less gory) and also has nudity scenes, but are completely censored.



Honey Kisaragi is a high school student attending St. Chapel Academy. On her 16th birthday, she goes home to see her father, Takeshi Kisaragi. However he was abducted by Panther Claw who were looking for the Airborne Element Fixing Device. The house was burned down right in front of Honey, a mysterious white haired man then appeared to give Honey the device to become Cutie Honey so that Honey could fight Panther Claw and rescue her father. She eventually fought against an executive member of Panther Claw, Sister Jill who had killed her friend Seiji Hayami's father and managed to defeat her.

However a new transfer student named Seira Hazuki appears who for some reason has a strong hate for Honey. When Panther Claw came to the school, Honey tried to protect Seira, but Seira revealed herself to be the mysterious Misty Honey a self-proclaimed twin sister of Honey surprising Honey. At different times throughout the series Honey and Seira would exchange blows with each other with Seira being plagued by a mysterious voice where her hatred for Honey has increased. But at the end of their confrontation comes the death of Dr. Kisaragi from a trap set by Panther Claw, Seira and Honey's origins as artificial humans created by Dr. Kisaragi, and the true identity of the Twilight Prince Prince Zera. Seira badly wounded from the battle with her clone created by her hatred dies and gives Honey the power to become Hyper Honey.

Sister Jill has revived and fights with a new Panther Claw corps and is planning to finally steal the Airborne Fixing Device. Honey recovering from the death of her father and Seira swears to fight them to protect the people who are important to her. She then prepares for the final battle with Panther Claw's leader Panther Zora.


DVD release[]

As of 2015, Cutie Honey Flash is the only anime TV series in the franchise other than Re:Cutie Honey not to be released in the US and it is uncertain if there ever will be a release. Outside the US, the series has been released on DVD in Europe and has a cult following in Germany and France.