Cutie Honey SEED is a harem/romance/magical girl manga created by Komagi Hoshino as the main illustrator and Go Nagai as the writer which ran from 2004 to 2006. It takes place in an alternate reality where Cutie Honey is a TV series (much like our world) and the Honey Kisaragi of the series is a shapeshifting alien unrelated to the main protagonist.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Yuta is a big fan of Cutie Honey, but his anime crush gets in the way of telling his next door neighbor Midori his love for her. One day a human-like alien girl crashes and Yuta takes her in. The alien girl has no memories and watches Yuta's Cutie Honey collection and displayed powers after the show's main character, so Yuta decides to name her Honey Kisaragi. At first Yuta tries to hide her fearing what might happen, but when that doesn't work he decides to let her come out under the cover of his cousin. But Honey attracts more attention than Yuta thinks including threats from outer space.

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