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Cutie Honey a Go Go!
Ch1 orig
Vital statistics
Author Shinpei Itoh
Illustrator Shinpei Itoh
Published on 2003

Cutie Honey a Go Go! is a manga series that was the first part of a three-part project in 2003 to reintroduce Cutey Honey to the 21st century, with the live-action movie and Re: Cutie Honey being the next phases of the project.


A normal day starts in Tokyo until a mysterious organization called Panther Claw appears terrorizing Japan. With the police and Japan Defense Agency powerless to stop them, a mysterious female warrior called Cutie Honey appears to stop them. Public Safety Bureau agent Natsuko Aki plans on investigating Panther Claw in spite of the dangers that her predecessors have been put in as well as arrest Cutie Honey for disturbing the peace and to find a connection between her and Panther Claw.


Tokyo becomes under attack by the terrorist organization Panther Claw with the police and Safety Bureau unable to stop them both because conventional weaponry has no effect on them and because the government is reluctant to let a certain secret about them be leaked out. Squad leader, Natsuko Aki is determined to stop Panther Claw and capture the mysterious Cutie Honey who appears to fight Panther Claw every time they appear. Ultimately, she is unsuccessful at both and she meets Honey's 'father' Dr. Kisaragi who explains Honey's origins and about the leader of Panther Claw, Sister Jill. Honey is then put under Natsuko's protection especially when Dr. Kisaragi is killed during an attack by Panther Claw.

To protect Honey, Natsuko is ordered to go with her to St. Chapel Academy with Honey as a student and Natsuko as a teacher. However, the dean Miharu Tsuneni is well aware of Honey's secret and plans to have her Airborne Element Fixing Device brought back to the organization who helped make Honey and Jill, even to the extent of using Honey's roommate to get to her. But the school is attacked by Panther Claw with Miharu and Ayuko killed in the struggle. As Sister Jill prepares Panther Claw's most elite fighters, Honey vows to finish the fight with Panther Claw to the bitter end. 



Cutie Honey a Go Go! from the start was planned to have 10 chapters but was unable to give a proper conclusion due to length constraints. The first chapters told a story more similar to the film while the second half put itself in a setting the same as the original Cutey Honey manga.