Cutie Honey vs. Devilman Lady is a crossover manga by Go Nagai featuring the main characters of two of his famous manga series. It continues a trend of manga crossovers including Devilman vs. Getter Robo, Cutie Honey vs. Abashiri Ikka, and Demon Lord Dante vs. Getter Robo G. It was published in Champion Red Ichigo before being released in a single volume.


A Devil Beast has been sighted in the mountains near St. Chapel Academy. The Human Alliance (HA) sends Jun Fudo (aka Devilman Lady) to track down and eliminate the Devil Beast under the cover of a teacher. A student named Natsuko Aki has become the target of the Devil Beast as well as another monstrous humanoid. When the Devil Beast attacks, Jun as Devilman Lady tries to fight it but the Devil Beast leaves. Lady follows the beast before she is interrupted by Honey as Cutie Honey who believes Lady to be the monster who attacked her friend. Lady already occupied attempts to escape and hides in the forest while Honey gives pursuit. Honey loses her but changes back to her civilian form with a flashlight where she meets Jun.

With the H.A. and school trying to cover up the incident as a rumor, the star gymnasts Scarlet Hamano and Ichigo Koyama are trying to upstage one another in both as the top gymnast and their lust for Natsuko. Both of them are later revealed to be Devil Beasts with Koyama being taken down in an ambush while Hamano fights Lady after trying to abduct Natsuko. To make matters worse, Unicorn Panther of Panther Claw attacks the school when Honey revealed herself in the fight against Hamano.

Unicorn Panther abducts Natsuko to lure Honey out, revealing that the Panthers were given cybernetic enhancements to not feel pain. Honey fights the Panther Claw squadron where she is badly wounded but the battle between Hamano and Lady gives the needed distraction for Honey to recover. Both Honey and Lady deal the finishing blow, killing their opponents. With the battles over, Honey and Jun share their griefs about their fates and wish to work together to keep the beauty and peace of the world.

Chapters Edit

The manga is composed of five chapters that were released in the magazine, Champion Red Ichigo. A collected edition was later released a month afterward.

  1. Cutie Honey vs. Devilman Lady chapter 1
  2. Cutie Honey vs. Devilman Lady chapter 2
  3. Cutie Honey vs. Devilman Lady chapter 3
  4. Cutie Honey vs. Devilman Lady chapter 4
  5. Cutie Honey vs. Devilman Lady chapter 5
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