Daiko Hayami
Vital statistics
Position President of the Thug Alliance
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Active
Played by Rika Fukami (Japan),
Tiffany Grant (Engish)

Daiko Hayami is a supporting character in New Cutie Honey. She is Akakabu Hayami's wife and Chokkei's mother.

Personality Edit

Daiko is a crook who loves to pilfer and steal whatever she can get her hands on especially jewelry. However, she is afraid of Dolmeck and his gang which prevents her from going out as much as she wants to. Daiko is protective of her family, fighting off anyone who would threaten them.

Abilities Edit

Daiko is a respected thief often taking whatever she feels like. She possesses an amazing amount of strength able to lift large debris.


Like all members of the new Hayami Family, Daiko is a reference to a character from Oira Sukeban (Delinquent in Drag), another Go Nagai work. In Daiko's case, she is a reference to Banchiyo Suke (Suke Banchiyo), the mother of series protagonist Banji Suke (Suke Banji).

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