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Vital statistics
Position Principal of St. Chapel Academy
Age 50s
Status Active
Played by Ginzo Matsuo

Principal Danbei is the principal of St. Chapel Academy. He is based on Danbei Hayami from the original series, but unlike his other counterparts he has no relationship of any kind with the Seiji Hayami of his series. He also knew Honey's father Takeshi Kisaragi in college while Alphonse is his older sister.


Much like his original counterpart, Danbei is a small old man with wrinkled skin and long thin eyebrows and is dressed in a kimono but there is a mon on the back.


Danbei is much more mild mannered and reasonable than his original counterpart, not appearing to have any perverse thoughts and chides Miharu Tsuneni on her strictness especially when it came to Honey as he knew her father. However, he cannot say no to his sister, showing favoritism and allowing her to do almost whatever she wants on campus.


Danbei has usually been seen on campus, at times he speaks to Honey about her father based on their time in college or anything concerning Miharu or his sister.