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Danbei Hayami is a supporting character in Cutey Honey. He is often the defacto leader of the Hayami family whenever they appear.


Cutey Honey (1973)

Danbei is a dirty old man who helps Honey in battling the Panther Claw.

New Cutie Honey (1994)

Many years after the original anime still portray him with a bad reputation on women (he even recognizes Honey by her panties). Danbei helps Honey as she battles the forces of evil with his enhancements as a cyborg and he has a few great attacks which are a great help (even his "Magic Undies").

Cutie Honey Flash (1997)

Danbei is the director of Honey's school. In this series he also helps Cutey Honey fight the Panther Claw.

Cutie Honey a Go Go

Daniel Bey is the head of an information dealing business with his employee Seiji doing a lot of work in the series.

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