Danbei Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Head of Hayami Family
Age 50s (Cutie Honey)

150s (New)

Status Active
Played by Kousei Tomita
Danbei Hayami is a major supporting character in the Cutie Honey anime. He is the father of Seiji and Junpei Hayami as well as the overall head of the Hayami Family. He is the only member of the main cast to reappear alongside Honey in New Cutie Honey. Danbei's overall character comes from Daemon Abashiri from Abashiri Ikka.


Danbei has the appearance of a small, wrinkly, and unkempt old man with his clothing usually consisting of a kimono and geta. He is bald with long thin eyebrows and a matching mustache. In New Cutie Honey, the cyborg Danbei has a body in similar design to the Super Robot Mazinger Z featuring dark and light skin in the same area and even the heat sinks on his chest.


Danbei is easily excited, almost like a child but is also tough especially if his family is threatened. He treats Honey like family and even offered her a place to stay at his house when St. Chapel Academy was destroyed, yet also likes to perform perverse activities on Honey such as peeping at her in the bath. But even then, they have a good relationship with Danbei knowing that Honey is an android and Honey affectionately calls him "Uncle". Danbei is also in a good relationship with his family, sharing activities with Junpei and supporting Seiji whenever he is in danger.


Despite Danbei's age and small body, he is actually quite formidable being a master of ninjutsu and has skills in other martial arts like Judo. Danbei is able to take on the Panthers with his skill alone but is not much of a match against the main kaijin of Panther Claw. In New Cutie Honey, his cyborg body enhances Danbei's already impressive strength and skills and gives him weapons such as the Rocket Punch.


Cutie HoneyEdit

For most of the series, Danbei would appear with his sons for any circumstance regarding the attacks of Panther Claw. Most of the time, he would fight off the Panthers if they attempted to attack him or his sons until he was overpowered. When Sister Jill destroyed Honey's school, Danbei offered Honey a place to stay at his home.

New Cutie HoneyEdit

A century after the battle with Panther Claw, Danbei remains with his descendants as a cyborg and encounters Honey again in Cosplay City. He once again assists Honey in her battles against the evil forces in the city along with his family.


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