Danbei Hayami
C16 body
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Active
Played by Kousei Tomita
Danbei Hayami is the father of Seiji and Junpei Hayami. He is a very wealthy man who supports his children and people under his care like Honey Kisaragi.

Appearance Edit

Danbei is a short older man with a potato-shaped head, a large gaping mouth, beady eyes, and thin-lined eyebrows and mustache. His clothing consists of a brown kimono, a light green haori, white tabi socks and zori.

Personality Edit

Danbei is a perverted old man who likes to peep and grope attractive women. In spite of this, he has a strong sense of justice and does not abide villains.

Abilities Edit

Danbei, despite his small stature is well versed in kendo.


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