Vital statistics
Position Servant of Dolmeck
Age N/A
Status Destroyed

Deathstar is a criminal in Cosplay City who serves the "Lord of Darkness" Dolmeck.

Appearance Edit

Deathstar's initial appearance is as a woman in a blonde ponytail wearing a skintight black jumpsuit and opera gloves. The jumpsuit is cut below her breasts, and black star pasties obscure her nipples. After transforming, she resembles a bat with light-purple skin and fur, and her hair turns blue and spiked.

Personality Edit

Brash and arrogant, Deathstar enjoys making her targets suffer and doesn't like it when they disobey her. She is also implied to be in an affair with Dolmeck.

Abilities Edit

Deathstar is frequently seen using firearms and grenades with incredible accuracy. After transforming, she is capable of flight and can use her ribs from her body as weapons.

History Edit

In the first episode of the OVA, Deathstar is sent to kill Mayor Light after his refusal to serve Dolmeck. During her assault, the Mayor's aide Honey Kisaragi regains her long-forgotten memories and powers as Cutey Honey and comes to his protection. After Honey foils her assassination attempt, Deathstar uses a dose of serum to transform into a monster and destroy Honey, but she is destroyed.

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