Director Shirakawa
Vital statistics
Position Director of Kanto Girls Rehabilitation Center
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased
Played by Daisuke Negishi

Director Shirakawa is the recently hired director of the Kanto Girls Rehabilitation Center.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Director Shirakawa is always dressed in a business suit wherever he goes. During his introduction, Shirakawa seemed like a mild mannered man who wanted the inmates to become productive members of society as long as they followed his simple rules. However he is really a sociopath who tortures people who defy him using his associates who are bioweapons to electrocute them to death.

History Edit

Shirakawa took ownership of the Kanto Girls Rehabilitation Center and runs it with his bodyguards Tomohiro and Zuimaru (later revealed to be human bioweapons, possibly created by Panther Claw). He establishes a simple set of rules such as no running in the halls which is strictly enforced by torturing them to death. Shirakawa wanted Miki who had no apparent flaws in society to be released as soon as possible. When the inmates were found dead and being called attempted escape, other inmates found this suspicious and tried to escape by stealing the keys. When Miki was with them, she passed Shirakawa but since she did not give a proper greeting to him, she taken to be tortured seeing what happened to one of her cell mates and the warden who tried to help her. As Miki was being tortured she managed to break free seeing her other cell mate being attacked. She flashed and became Sister Yuki beating Sugimaru to the wall, killing him. She then goes after Shirakawa as he flees and beats Tomohiro to death for getting in the way. Shirakawa tried to subdue her but Miki wraps Tomohiro's wires around his neck electrocuting him to death.

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