Dirty Honey
Vital statistics
Position Dark side of Seira Hazuki
Age N/A
Status Destroyed
Played by Mari Yoko

Dirty Honey (also known as Dark Panther) is the corporeal form of Misty Honey's despair formed from the Mark of Hatred.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Dirty Honey resembles Misty Honey but has a pale complexion. She has inherited the rage that Seira has built up over the years, becoming a killing machine capable only of destruction with a burning desire to destroy the entire world.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Dirty Honey inherits Misty Honey's abilities and skills except her powers are much more destructive and she lacks an Airborne Element Device.

History Edit

When Seira was going through an identity crisis in a desperate attempt to find her own identity instead of just a pawn exploited by Panther Claw, Dirty Honey formed from her Mark of Hatred sapping Seira of much of her strength. Dirty Honey continued Seira's mission of eliminating Honey Kisaragi, killing Takeshi Kisaragi as a result. Honey fights her as Cutie Honey and receives help from Seira as Misty Honey killing Dirty Honey as a result.

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