Dororon Enma-kun is a supernatural comedy manga by Go Nagai and one of his more locally better known series. As such characters and plot elements are seen in a couple other works by Dynamic Productions.

Summary Edit

The series detail the misadventures of Enma (often nicknamed Enma-kun) the nephew of Enma Daio and his Yokai Patrol composed of himself, the talking hat Chapeauji, his childhood friend Yukikohime, and the frog-like kappa Kappaeru. The Yokai Patrol is mainly assigned to tracking down Yokai that are causing problems in the human world and sending them back to Hell, often by killing them. However, they also meet humans at times and engage in a few extra comedic activities. Some interpretations however are more serious than others such as Kikoushi Enma where the characters are older and the stories are darker.

Cutie Honey Edit

Cutie Honey has featured some elements with Dororon Enma-kun, usually limited to a few mentions or props like a hat that resembles Chapeauji. There have also been a couple crossovers between the series including the manga Cutie Honey & Yukikohime: Heroine Battle as well as the one-shot manga by Masaki Segawa (e.g. Enma vs. Dororon Enma-kun Gaiden).

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