Dr. Kisaragi is the creator and "father" of Cutie Honey. Though he is usually dead in each series, his work is often the main focus of the plot.


Cutey Honey (1973 Manga)

Dr. Kisaragi had created an android body for his deceased daughter Honey while making her body as human as possible. He was later killed by Panther Claw looking for the Airborne Element Fixing Device, which was already implanted onto Honey.

Cutie Honey (1973 Anime)
Dr. Kisaragi creates an android replacement for his deceased daughter, Honey Kisaragi. As he builds her, he also leaves within her body his creation, a device that lets her transform matter.

The criminal organization Panther Claw takes interest in Dr. Kisaragi's creation and later attack him in his lab for it. When Honey bears witness to her father's murder, she swears that she will avenge him by destroying Panther Claw.

New Cutie Honey (1994)
Dr. Kisaragi is already dead in this series and does not directly appear. However, he is briefly heard speaking in a flashback scene during Episode 4 in which he explains to Honey about his decision to build her as a human (echoing a similar conversation from the original Cutie Honey manga).

Cutie Honey Flash (1997)
In Episode 1 of the series, Dr. Takeshi Kisaragi is kidnapped by Panther Claw, and it is left to Honey to rescue him. After defeating the monster, Honey reaches the doctor and tries to rescue him, but he pushes Honey out of the way before he is killed in an explosion, ensuring her survival at the cost of his own life.

Cutie Honey a Go Go!

Dr. Kisaragi was alive at the start of the manga and was in hiding until he was killed in a struggle between Panther Claw.

Cutie Honey: The Movie (2004)
Dr. Kisaragi is already dead when the series begins and does not appear.

Re: Cutie Honey
Dr. Kisaragi is already dead when the series begins and does not appear. The butler the accompanies Sister Jill is mentioned to have been built in Dr. Kisaragi's image and briefly attempts to convince Cutie Honey that it is actually him, though it fails to fully trick her.

Cutie Honey: The Live (2007)
Dr. Koshiro Kisaragi, like in past versions of the story, is already dead when the show begins. However, information regarding his past and his role in creating Honey and her sisters are slowly revealed over the course of the series. In flashback scenes, Dr. Kisaragi is portrayed by Go Nagai, the famed creator of Cutie Honey.

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