Dr. Kisaragi
Vital statistics
Position Particle Physicist, Father of Honey Kisaragi
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased
Dr. Kisaragi is the creator of the I-System and the father of Honey Kisaragi. Unlike most counterparts that were dead prior to or at the beginning of their respective series, this version was killed in the middle of the manga.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Dr. Kisaragi was a middle aged man with dark hair and eyes, a couple wrinkles on his forehead, and was always seen in either a lab coat or a suit. He is depicted as a loving father with a mild mannered outlook, wanting the best for Honey and for her to be as human as possible.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Kisaragi was a leading expert in particle physics, having found a way to use quark fields in the I-System by reducing space around particles. He appears to have some knowledge in robotics and psychology as he was able to find out how the I-System could work more properly after the failure with Sister Jill.

History Edit

Dr. Kisaragi was the father of the original Honey Kisaragi and after an accident that claimed her life, Dr. Kisaragi joined the I-System project to revive her. Finding the mechanically minded Sister Jill lacking creativity and a human outlook, he used a new android with his daughter's mind dubbed Honey Kisaragi and yielded better results. However, for some reason Dr. Lawrence Hell reactivated Sister Jill which lead to the formation of Panther Claw forcing Dr. Kisaragi and Honey to go into hiding with permission from the US government to prevent a crisis on their soil.

For years, Dr. Kisaragi spent time with Honey in a secret bunker until Panther Claw started its attacks on Japan that had Honey go out to fight them. Eventually, Honey introduced the safety bureau agent Natsuko Aki to her father who explained the circumstances to her. The Safety Bureau agreed to help move Dr. Kisaragi to a safer location to prevent him being captured by Panther Claw. However the transfer was interrupted by Tomahawk Panther who came with an army of Panthers to take the scientist. A safety bureau agent tried to fight her off but was killed when Tomahawk Panther chopped off his arm which caused a few stray bullets to kill Dr. Kisaragi. Honey was enraged that her father was killed and killed Tomahawk Panther in cold blood. Seiji Hayami then played a message from Dr. Kisaragi that snapped Honey out of her rage.


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