Dr. Kisaragi
Vital statistics
Position Scientist
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased
Dr. Kisaragi is the father of Honey Kisaragi and the creator of both her android body and the Airborne Element Fixing Device. He was killed at the beginning chapters of the manga by Panther Claw which began Honey's battle against them.


Dr. Kisaragi is a middle aged man with dark but graying hair and a couple of wrinkles on his forehead. He was always seen wearing a white lab coat.


Dr. Kisaragi was mild mannered man who loved his daughter enough to successfully bring her back from the dead. Even then, he wanted Honey to be as human as possible so he designed her with limitations rather than make Honey an invincible weapon. But even though Dr. Kisaragi loved Honey he appeared to be somewhat mad and was rumored to have made shady dealings 


Dr. Kisaragi was an accomplished scientist having made both a bio-android and a small device that is able to manipulate molecular structures all by himself.


During a lightning storm, Dr. Kisaragi managed to get enough power to start Honey's new body that brought her back to life. Afterwards he sent her to stay at St. Chapel Academy. One night he was attacked by agents of Panther Claw for the Airborne Element Fixing Device, and was killed for not providing information. Prior to this he set up an animatronic for Honey to find and explain the functions of the device while providing parting words.

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