Dr. Kisaragi
Vital statistics
Position Scientist in Nanotechnology
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased
Dr. Kisaragi was the father of Honey Kisaragi and the co-creator of the I-System alongside his friend and co-worker Ryo Utsugi. While he is never seen, he is brought up numerous times.

Personality Edit

Dr. Kisaragi was seen as a fatherly person, determined to bring his daughter back to life. He was good friends with Dr. Utsugi and entrusted Honey to him in case anything happened to him.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Kisaragi was a renowned scientist in nanotechnology and how it could be used for medication purposes, and his culmination with the research with Dr. Utsugi created the I-System and the bigger result, Cutie Honey.

History Edit

After his daughter was caught up in an accident, Dr. Kisaragi and his old friend Dr. Utsugi collaborated on a project that could bring her back to life. The I-System was successful and Honey was brought to life. But before Dr. Kisaragi could meet Honey, Panther Claw appeared intent on getting the research from the I-System in the name of their leader Sister Jill. Dr. Kisaragi refused to let his research get into their hands and he was killed by the Big Four.

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