Dr. Kisaragi
Vital statistics
Position Scientist in Nanotechnology
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased
Dr. Kisaragi is the father of Honey Kisaragi and the creator of the I-System. He was killed prior to the start of Re: Cutie Honey by Panther Claw after they were released with Sister Jill's awakening.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Dr. Kisaragi was a middle aged man of average height with short graying hair, dark eyes, and wrinkles on his face. He was always seen in a white lab coat. Dr. Kisaragi had loved his daughter deeply and after the accident that took her life, he agreed to work on the I-System project in order to bring her back to life and vied to protect her when Panther Claw was formed at the cost of his life.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Kisaragi was a renowned scientist in nanotechnology and robotics, able to create the I-System and an android that can be as human as possible.

History Edit

Dr. Kisaragi despaired after the death of his daughter and came into the I-System project with his daughter's consciousness implanted into a special android body which was successful as the android named Honey and I-System worked perfectly. However, a scientist for some reason reactivated the earlier project Sister Jill which set off a chain of events that lead to the creation of Panther Claw. When confronted by the Big Four for whereabouts of the I-System, Dr. Kisaragi was killed by Black Claw when he refused to give any details. Sister Jill used Dr. Kisaragi's appearance for the creation of her Butler.

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