Dr. Kisaragi Robot
Vital statistics
Position Robot
Age Ageless
Status Destroyed
The Dr. Kisaragi Robot was a machine built by its namesake Dr. Kisaragi, to help his daughter Honey in the event of his death.


The robot had an exact replica of its creators head in place of its own. Beneath however was a little more bizarre, with a robot torso with multiple pipes running through and a large throne like structure to sit upon.


After Dr. Kisaragi was murdered by Black Claw, an agent of the terrorist group Panther Claw, his distraught daughter Honey found the robotic replica sitting in a safe room. The robot explained who had attacked his creator and what the devices on her body did, such as the Airborne Element Fixing Device. The robot then announced the house was going to explode before blowing itself to smithereens.

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