Dr. Lawrence Hell
Vital statistics
Position Butler and Secret Commander of Sister Jill
Age Elderly
Status Unknown
Dr. Lawrence Hell is a scientist involved in the original I-System project that created Sister Jill and later Cutie Honey. For some reason he reactivated Sister Jill which set in motion the formation of Panther Claw and Kisaragi family going into hiding. He had since changed his appearance and acted as Jill's butler and only Jill knows his true identity.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Dr. Hell originally had graying hair with a beard, after releasing Jill and posing as her butler he shaved his facial hair and got darker hair along with a suit. While posing as the butler he appears subservient but commands her from the rest of Panther Claw's view. While it is unknown why he reactivated Sister Jill and sought to reclaim the I-System, it is obviously of malicious intentions.


Dr. Hell worked with several other scientists in the development of the I-System including the creation of Sister Jill which yielded no results. After Honey was created and got better results with the I-System, Dr. Hell for some reason reactivated Jill which lead to the creation of Panther Claw with Dr. Hell directing the organization in secret. He proceeded to guide Jill in the attack on Japan and to locate the I-System.


  • Dr. Hell's name and original appearance is based on the main antagonist of Mazinger Z and several of its spin-offs.
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