Dr. Seta
Vital statistics
Position Lead Doctor of Daitenji Hospital
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Unknown
Played by Moritsu Oshima

Dr. Seta is the lead medic of Daitenji Hospital, personally in charge of the human enhancements the clinic secretly gives to its patients.

Personality Edit

Dr. Seta seems like a kind and mild mannered man at first glance who wants whoever comes through his clinic to be happy and healthy. However much like Daitenji Hospital itself, this is just a facade that covers Dr. Seta's results based personality. He is loyal to his employer Duke Watari and attempts to keep his activities under wraps while dealing with anyone who gets in his way. Seta shows no concern for patients that die from his experiments seeing them as failures.

Abilities Edit

With his medical skills and the biotechnology provided by Watari, Dr. Seta gives his patients enhancements as well as most of the needed safeguards to survive the enhancements. He also gives them the means to be brainwashed completely under Panther Claw's control.

History Edit

Dr. Seta had taken in several patients including Matsuda and Seiji and gave them treatments under the guise of helping them. After Matsuda died, Dr. Seta gave the enhancements and finishing touches on other patients that were discharged and later killed each other for the Darkness Auction demonstration. When Seiji goes wild from the enhancements Honey tries to stop him. Seta tried to keep Honey from interfering but Honey knocked him out before surgically removing Seiji's enhancements. Dr. Seta was either arrested or reassigned to a different location.

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