Dragon Panther
Vital statistics
Position Combatant
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Dragon Panther is the strongest fighter of Panther Claw, she participated in the attack on St. Chapel Academy and killed Natsuko Aki.


Dragon Panther's lower body resembles an iguana while her upper body is a scaly humanoid torso with visible lips and reptilian eyes.


Dragon Panther is very prideful and arrogant, seeing herself as the strongest lifeform and believes herself to be superior to Sister Jill, willingly disobeying orders and ready to fight against her.


She was able to run at a great speed with her lower body's four legs, and battled with a spear for combat. The head on her lizard-like lower body was also able to emit flames from its mouth.


Cutie Honey:Edit

Dragon Panther was in the forest surrounding St. Chapel Academy after the school was bombed looking for Cutey Honey. While Honey was ready to self destruct to take Dragon Panther out and make sure the Airborne Element Fixing Device did not get into the wrong hands, her friend Natsuko broke her disguise and ran shouting to be Honey. Taking the bait, Dragon Panther incinerated Natsuko with her lower body's flames. Sister Jill confronted Dragon Panther that the task was to capture the Airborne Device not to destroy it along with Honey. Dragon Panther arrogantly challenged Jill to a fight and the winner would lead Panther Claw. Her pride got the best of her though as Jill had full control over Dragon's body and caused it to kill her. With this Jill showed her authority over the other members.

Cutie Honey 90's:Edit

Dragon Panther makes a brief cameo right at the start of the story, appearing in a flashback sequence that looks over the many rougeish agents of Panther Claw that Honey had come across.

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