Dragon Panther
Vital statistics
Position Witch Soldier
Age 20s
Status Deceased
Dragon Panther was a member of the group Panther Claw, sent to scout out reports of strange creatures seen in the mountains alongside Eagle Claw.


Looking distinctly more reptilian than prior versions, Dragon panther has greenish yellow skin and bulky gray scales. Her upper torso is attached to a large horned reptile with blank eyes.


Dragon Panther had a tremendous amount of strength, she carried a spear and could use her tail like a whip that was able to snap a tree.


Dragon Panther expressed a cruel type of character, attacking Ryoma Nagare simply for being in the area. She was they proud of her strength and abilities, gloating frequently.


Dragon Panther scouted with reports of a pterodactyl being in the area with Eagle Claw. During this time, they encounter Cutey Honey and engage in combat. When Honey is flung away, they manage to follow her running into Ryoma Nagare who was training in the mountains. With Ryoma seeing them, Dragon Panther attacks him but Ryoma guards against it and manages to grapple with her despite the size and strength gap. Dragon Panther manages to ensnare Ryoma and nearly choke him until Cutey Honey reappeared, cutting Dragon Panther's tail. When Honey demands to know what they're doing there, Dragon Panther's dying breath reveals they were just scouting for the pterodactyl.


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